2014 Angelscopes
Your year ahead

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These Angelscopes were written at the beginning of 2014,
with careful, angelically guided consultation and interpretation of my
"A Pocketful of Angels" Angel Message Cards for each birth sign in turn.
Here's my angelically assisted predictions for you for
2014 - The year ahead
~ Mary Jac

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★ ~ Aquarius ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ 2014 is the year for romance to show itself and for true love to blossom. Be open and ready to absorb it all.
At home ~ Changes are afoot within the home environment and you have the resources within you to ensure that they are what you want them to be.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ You would do well to get out and about more. Whether this is into the open air or by way of meeting clients/business associates in varied locations it will enhance your working life and should be given serious consideration when the opportunity arises.
Money ~ will come to you only through conscious effort.

Lucky number ~ 15
Favoured colour ~ Red
Archangel support ~ Archangel Gabriel.

★ ~ Pisces ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ Ensure that you create and maintain a balance in your relationships. Any one sided dependency issues should be addressed before they become a problem.
At home ~ Important issues are set to have favourable outcomes. Many things that seem clouded early in 2014 will become clearer to you as the year progresses.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ This is the year for you to take charge of your own needs, and you should make positive progress on a career path that you find satisfying and enjoyable. 2014 can bring you all of this if you do your part to make it happen.
Money ~ Your talents will be valued by many and bring their own rewards.
Lucky number ~ 41
Favoured colour ~ Green
Archangel support ~ Archangel Raguel.

★ ~ Aries ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ There’s no need for you to try to be the strong one all the time. If you need help – ask for it. Support will be there and you should take it when needed. Remember that working together can strengthen relationships.
At home ~ Don’t worry so much. Believing that all will be well is part of the process of making that so. Trust in your nest building instincts and ideas as they are divinely guided.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ Detach yourself from the unrealistic expectations of others, and think more about how you can fulfil your own needs to enjoy a stress free working life. Re-training could be an option in 2014 – don’t worry, the choice will be yours.
Money ~ Creative endeavours could supplement your income
Lucky number ~ 31
Favoured colour ~ Turquoise
Archangel support ~ Archangel Michael

★ ~ Taurus ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ The healing process from past issues will progress well in the early part of the year, and a relationship settles into comfortable companionship as the year goes on.
At home ~ Learning to let go of long standing fears will take you further into a fun and relaxed environment than you may have thought possible.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ Honour that which your instincts are telling you and resist the urge to be pulled along with the tide if it doesn’t feel comfortable or inspire you in some way.
Money ~ Opportunities later in the year could be more lucrative than you may first think.

Lucky number ~ 38
Favoured colour ~ Brown/Taupe
Archangel support ~ Archangel Raphael

★ ~ Gemini ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ A loving relationship, whether new or established, will develop into secure and happy permanence. You could hear of and possibly help plan, and attend a wedding before the year is out. Happy days!
At home ~ Events will lead to a new found and more positive attitude towards the smaller ‘niggles’ of life, which will help you to live a life based less on fear and more on enjoying each day you are given.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ What is your inner self striving to tell you? A career move involving counselling, healing or other mind/body work should be considered. Helping others will also help you.
Money ~ Take your time when making any important financial decisions.
Lucky number ~ 35
Favoured colours ~ White and Gold
Archangel support ~ Archangel Chamuel.

★ ~ Cancer ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ It’s time to take control of your life. Free yourself from the restrictions of how you think relationships SHOULD be, and remember that nobody is perfect, and that’s okay. Trust your heart more, not your head.
At home ~ Take control of your destiny, rather than rely on other people or events to bring you the happiness you are looking for. You need to learn to appreciate yourself, as you really are a good person. Show gratitude for what you already have and more is sure to follow.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ Look past the obvious, shake off the lethargy and negative expectations, and give some serious consideration AND action to improving your finances by improving your career prospects this year. Gather up your “get up and go” and “get out and do”!
Money ~ will come to you if and when you are prepared to take a leap of faith in yourself
Lucky number ~ 43
Favoured colour ~ Yellow
Archangel support ~ Archangel Haniel.

★ ~ Leo ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ You may not be aware of it, but you have already encountered the ‘someone’ or sown the seeds of the ‘something’ that will make a wonderful difference in your relationships zone this year. Be patient!
At home ~ Focus on your intentions, lose self doubt, BELIEVE in yourself and the things you would like to achieve, and aim for it without wavering. Do not let the misgivings of others deflect you from going for your ultimate goals – you can do it.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ You can achieve the position you seek in your working life if you are prepared to work hard for it. It may not be easy but it will be worth it in the long run.
Money ~ Celebrating a small win is a possibility during the course of 2014
Lucky number ~ 12
Favoured colour ~ Emerald
Archangel support ~ Archangel Chamuel.

★ ~ Virgo ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ You are urged to stay optimistic about your love life. Just because things are not happening now, it doesn’t mean that they are not going to. Wait and see! Always look for the fun and laughter to get the very best from all your relationships.
At home ~ Healthy changes in your environment or lifestyle could bring about happy change in your home life, and how you feel about yourself, too. Just moving furniture about can usher much needed fresh new energy into your home – give it a try.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ You may find that your best option is to leave a stress-filled situation and start afresh. This needn’t be scary, so long as you take your time to research and plan your options with care.
Money ~ Be generous, and you will find it will come back to you ten-fold
Lucky number ~ 36
Favoured colour ~ Sky blue
Archangel support ~ Archangel Raphael

★ ~ Libra ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ Expressing positive emotions brings positive feelings and words back to you. Talk about how you feel, using only words of love and kindness. Your relationships will thrive if you remember to always give out what you hope to receive in return.
At home ~ Your light hearted energy will inspire others to act in the same way. Filling your home with laughter and fun activity will attract many happy and harmonious moments and special occasions as the year progresses – enjoy!
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ The opportunity to earn your living doing something you love with people you care about could come about later this year. What could be better than that?
Money ~ can be earned by doing something that gives comfort to both yourself and others too
Lucky number ~ 17
Favoured colour ~ Pale blue
Archangel support ~ Archangel Jophiel

★ ~ Scorpio ~ ★
Home and Relationships Love ~ is worth it. Securing a great love involves being brave enough to take the steps you are being guided towards – you know it!
At home ~ It’s all about expressing yourself in 2014. Honour and trust your feelings, your needs, and act on them, too. Surround yourself with all that makes you feel happy, settled and secure – your home is your castle and your sanctuary, too. Do all you can to make it feel beautiful!
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ You are doing fine and it will suit you this year to just continue as you are – keep ‘plodding’ along and consider your job just as a ‘means to an end’ to provide for you and yours. It’s only part of your life after all, you have far more important things that will take priority in 2014.
Money ~ Tolerance and perseverance will bring the financial stability you need.
Lucky number ~ 44
Favoured colours ~ Yellow & Gold
Archangel support ~ Archangel Chamuel

★ ~ Sagittarius ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ Look beyond what you are seeing on the surface as other people are not very good at successfully conveying their feelings. Encourage your loved ones to speak up when something is bothering them – and remember to lovingly do the same yourself, and harmony will prevail.
At home ~ Go forward with plans that feel right. If it feels good, don’t question it, just enjoy it. Clearing your home and mind of unwanted ‘clutter’ will make you feel lighter in yourself and make room for something new to enter and enhance your life, too.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ Go with the flow, you are being guided and carried forward into stability and security for the future. Don’t resist, have faith and know that your trust and hard work WILL be rewarded.
Money ~ Remember that magical solutions can and do happen
Lucky number ~ 9
Favoured colour ~ Royal blue
Archangel support ~ Archangel Jophiel

★ ~ Capricorn ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Love ~ A blast from the past could take you by surprise, and the lessons and memories that the encounter prompts will lead you to appreciate and enjoy everything that you have in the here and now.
At home ~ Imagination is a powerful thing and it should be expressed and expanded upon this year. Your wonderful ideas can bring unexpected and positive results, so don’t be afraid to put those ideas into action.
Career and Finances ~ Work ~ If you are looking for a career move, you would do well to consider and environment where you are either working with children, or adults with learning difficulties. The rewards could fulfil something in you that has been missing for a long time.
Money ~ Don’t try too hard, or worry too much as your financial needs will be covered. Anything more than that will be a bonus.
Lucky number ~ 34
Favoured colours ~ Orange
Archangel support ~ Archangel Uriel.

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