Christmas Lovescopes



These Lovescopes have been written using my
unique deck of Love & Relationship cards,
each card chosen with angelic guidance for the holiday season
and are my extra Christmas present to you all.
~ Mary Jac



Are you accepting everyone just the way they are? This can sometimes be difficult but it’s important to do, as trying to change people can often lead to disappointment. You are also encouraged to accept yourself – we are often harder on ourselves than we ever are on other people, and this can wear away at our self esteem. Self-acceptance will lead to a more peaceful and confident outlook, which will attract and inspire other people too. Resolve to give yourself and others the gift of unconditional love this Christmas - what could be more important?

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Lucky Love Number: 7


Quieten your mind and emotions as you go though the festive season and give yourself some time to think. Resist the urge to rush into making any decisions which could affect your future and think carefully about what you may say or do. Sometimes it is far better just to wait – and Christmas is the time during which you should heed that advice. A calm mind could help you decide how to approach a tricky situation in the best possible way for all concerned.

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Lucky Love Number: 10


Love and life can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. You can allow yourself to become excited as a new adventure is on the horizon for you. This could be something totally different for you and completely unexpected but it should be approached with natural curiosity and a sense of joyous anticipation, too. Look forward to having some Christmas fun and maybe even an experience that you think you could only dream of!

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Lucky Love Number: 14


You do have the strength within you to change things in your life that are not making you happy. This applies also to how you feel about and conduct your relationships. If there is something that you really want to achieve or change, make plans to work towards your goals as you head towards the end of the year. Trust that you CAN manifest the changes to attain the peace of mind you want and need. Your self-belief will help you to do just that!

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Lucky Love Number: 3


Christmas can be a very busy and stressful time, bo please ensure that you make time to give and show affection to those that you love. Sometimes it can be hard to show your feelings, but even if you feel a relationship is troubled right now you should remember that a hug or a loving touch can often heal where words cannot. So show people how much you care for them, by giving them the gift of your time and affection, and don't be afraid to ask for some special time and cuddles for yourself, from the special people in your life, too!

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Lucky Love Number: 22


You may feel that you have settled for less than you deserve in the past, and now is the time to resolve to aim higher for your future happiness. There’s no reason why you cannot move forward with optimism, just as there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have a happy and successful relationship with the right person. Expand your ideas and limitations - build on your dreams - believe that you now deserve the best, because you do!

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Lucky Love Number: 5


You have many reasons to feel blessed right as Christmas approaches, and there are more to come. This card is telling you that you will soon have reason to feel emotional elation, and that this feeling is set to last. Something very good is due to happen for you that will take you to a “happy place” from which you may never want to come down. Please allow yourself to be excited about your future now!

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Lucky Love Number: 21


Small but significant miraculous events are set to make a positive difference in areas of your relationships over the coming weeks. A miracle is not necessarily something of immense proportions, nor may it be immediately obvious whilst it occurs, but the outcome will make you feel very good inside. Any problems that you may be encountering might not be resolved in a way that you may expect or have hoped for, and may well surprise you, but the end result – happiness – will make everything worthwhile.

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Lucky Love Number: 16


Your dreams are now set to become reality. Keep the faith and ensure that you follow your heart's guidance to make them so. Trust that you can have what you desire and you can help your dreams to come true. A lack of self-belief has been the only thing holding you back and it’s time for you to place your trust in the future and believe that it can bring you the contentment you crave for.

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Lucky Love Number: 5


Be thankful for all the love and loving people who are in your life. Remind yourself that nothing and no-one is ever perfect, yet that does not stop people from being likeable and lovable and deserving of your affection, nor does it prevent a relationship from being the right one for you. Tell yourself also that you are equally deserving of all the love that surrounds you and is shown to you now.

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Lucky Love Number: 11


A Magnetic quality surrounds you right now. You may not be aware of it but other people certainly will be fascinated by you at the moment, and finding themselves wanting to please you or to get to know you better. Allow yourself to feel confident and attractive, as you are now naturally drawing loving people and relationship happiness towards you. Remind yourself daily how lovable you are and enjoy the magic that is around you now!

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Lucky Love Number: 14


Are you giving your relationships the time and importance they deserve? Sometimes it’s easy to assume that we don’t need to make any effort to nurture our relationships with loved ones, as we feel secure in the knowledge that we are loved. This can lead to a feeling of being “taken for granted” or even neglect by the other person within the relationship. Please take the time to think about what you could do, say or give to a loved one over the Christmas season. The best gifts often cost little or nothing, but mean so very much!

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Lucky Love Number: 18

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