♥ Inspired by Angels - made with love ♥

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♥ Created by Mary Jac ♥

♥ Archangel Chamuel Love Essence ♥
Size: 30ml

"Created with the aim of attracting love & romance, and promoting self-love too,
encompassing a peaceful happy heart."

Information, intentions and aims
This essence has been inspired by the love from and towards Archangel Chamuel – the Angel of love and confidence.
Chamuel helps us to love, nurture and appreciate ourselves, as well as working with us to bring us the lasting true love we all desire.
Every part of this hand made essence has been carefully selected by Mary with angelic guidance, to encompass all that is truly believed to promote and attract love in all its truest and purest forms.
The essence is enhanced by the inclusion of rose quartz – a crystal revered for hundreds of years for its amazing love-inspiring energies.
All of the ingredients are blended in sweet almond oil – chosen specifically because almond is the herb known to keep love ‘alive and strong’.
Each 30ml (85mm high) bottle has been dedicated with loving intent by Mary,
and Reiki blessed/charged by Mary Jac, too, for maximum efficacy.
How to use: Put a little bit of the essence in an oil burner or diffuser to absorb the fragrance and invoke its qualities,
or infuse a small piece of cotton wool with the oil and place on a central heating radiator for the same effect,
and you can rub a little oil on to each wrist (always check for skin sensitivity, as with any essential oils)
to keep this evocative fragrance within your auric field at all times.
Do not consume.

Please read on to discover the ingredients in this powerful and unique blend, and the reasons for selecting them –
as every one of them brings its own particular meaning and magic to this beautifully fragrant essence.

♥ Rose Otto

Is known as THE herb of love, and is strongly connected with the loving energy of Archangel Chamuel. It holds the highest spiritual vibrations of all flowering plants.
It is healing, uplifting and truly romantic, and opens the heart to unconditional love – both for yourself and your partner, too.
It has a wonderful fragrance, has long been associated with Venus and Cupid, and is also believed to have aphrodisiac qualities, making it a very powerful part of this essence.

♥ Melissa

Known since the 15th century as the “Elixir of life”, this is another revered herb of love and is also associated with Archangel Chamuel. It relaxes body, mind and soul, bringing feelings of peace and contentment.
It can help drive away sadness, bringing confidence and hope in it’s place.
It is said to have the allure to attract a love partner, too, so is an essential ingredient in this blend.

♥ Ylang Ylang

Yet another flower connected to the energy of Archangel Chamuel, this “flower of flowers” has a sensual and exotic fragrance, promoting passion for life and love in equal measure.
It’s renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities and is believed to strengthen the romance and friendship aspects of our relationships too – very important in maintaining true and happy relationship balance.

♥ Geranium

Has a beautiful fragrance (unlike some of the garden geraniums!).
It is spiritually uplifting and has a harmonising effect on the mind and emotions.
This wonderfully balancing essence can help diminish fears of opening ourselves to love and commitment, helping us to be more accepting and nurturing of oneself.
As we love ourselves more, then we are more open to loving others, and being loved too.

♥ Jasmine

Another gorgeous and sensual fragrance, probably most famous for being an aphrodisiac, it also brings out feelings of love and emotional warmth.
It can help with confidence and optimism and is, therefore, a valuable addition to this blend.

♥ Patchouli

Creates an amorous atmosphere and can help banish anxiety, lethargy and depression. It helps you to “stay in the moment” and focus on that which is important – in this case, love!

♥ All of the above are blended with a little Jojoba oil, which is calming, soothing and nourishing and then mixed with Sweet almond oil, chosen because it is said to keep love “alive and strong”.
It is also believed to promote wealth, good health, wisdom, long life and fertility (hence the popularity of sugared almonds as wedding favours).
Some traditions state that if an unmarried woman sleeps with almonds under her pillow, that she will dream of her future husband!

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General precautions for using any essential oils
Essential oils may cause skin sensitivity in some individuals (we are all different!).
It is generally advised that you do not use any essential oils if pregnant or breast feeding.
Essential oil blends, and the information provided above, are intended as a spiritual support and are not a replacement for any medical prescription or treatment.
If you are unwell, or undergoing medical treatment, you should always consult your medical practitioner before using any essential oils.
You should avoid placing essential oil blends directly on to fabrics.
Do NOT consume.

n.b: Your bottle of essence may have a white cap (not the black cap as shown in the above image).
It also may NOT have the tiny silver heart on the bottle neck as they are unavailable to me at this time.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS for mail order items
If any items are received damaged in the post, the recipient must put in a claim to Royal Mail within 15 days of receipt.
We accept no responsibility for goods damaged once they are in the hands of the Royal mail or International mail.
As all Essences are packed very securely to make sure that they will reach their destination in one piece,
we cannot take responsibility for neglectful mis-treatment or mis-handling by the mail services.
We always get proof of posting for all items, which we can scan and e-mail to the recipient if an item does not arrive, or arrives damaged.
We do not, therefore, offer refunds on items which are not delivered by, or are damaged by Royal Mail or International mail services.

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